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Our Story

Roasted onsite at HUSK, our coffee is consistently smooth, delicious and rich – And it feels as good as it tastes. We look after the environment, and everyone involved in producing our coffee. From the people who grow and pick the beans, to the barista who hands you your cup.


Fair Trade & Organic

People work hard to produce beautiful coffee for us to enjoy, and it’s only fair that their work is rewarded. We think it’s high time the coffee industry properly acknowledged the people and natural resources that go into great espresso, so we’re leading by example. Every coffee bean is certified Fair Trade Organic – And we support a great raft of charities here at home.


Environmentally Sound

We’re working to leave the smallest possible footprint on our environment, and supporting our customers to do so too. Our Diedrich hot-air roasting machine is top in environmental performance and our packaging and takeaway cups are fully biodegradable. We have carried this ethos through to Husk and are proud to be part of the Conscious Consumers programme.


Relationships to Rely On

Our team have decades of experience on both sides of the counter. Having our roastery onsite at Husk means all staff are familiar with the coffee process and witness the day-to-day production of our espresso first hand. This grants them a deeper understanding and respect for the beans, ensuring to deliver you an exceptional cup of coffee every time.

Our Cafe

Our in-house espresso is showcased here at HUSK; fresh beans straight from the onsite roaster to our coffee machine, whenever you want it. All day, every day you can get your coffee fix with our exceptional baristas on hand to deliver our espresso in impeccable form every time.

Want to enjoy our coffee at home? We also sell take-home bags of our beans at HUSK for your convenience.

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Most of the world’s coffee comes from developing countries, where it can make up to 80% of Gross National Product (GNP). These countries often lack things we Kiwis take for granted, like a minimum wage or universal schooling. The income farming families get for their coffee can make the difference between a hard but decent life, or grinding poverty.

But the price that coffee farmers get is controlled by the international open market, and is extremely changeable. Unscrupulous middlemen often take advantage of vulnerable farmers, further eroding the farmers’ profits.

We don’t want to put our money into an economy that takes advantage of the most vulnerable. That’s why we’re supporting the ethical trade movement and sourcing all our coffee from Fairtrade sources.

From Chiapas State in Mexico

From Nueva Segovia

From the Sidamo Region

From the Cafe con Manos de Mujer Women’s Cooperative

New Zealand Coffee Awards
GOLD 2015 – 2016

New Zealand Coffee Awards
SILVER 2013 – 2014

New Zealand Coffee Awards
BRONZE 2014 – 2015