At HUSK we believe that beer should be experimental, approachable, and,
if we’re honest, occasionally mad. With respect for both malt and hops, our brewery – Choice Bros – creates beer that broadens the horizons of
thirsty drinkers far and wide.


Of equal standing to our beer is our Karamu Coffee. Roasted onsite, our coffee is consistently smooth, delicious and rich. And we don’t stop there; we make a conscious effort to take care of the environment and everyone involved in producing our coffee. From the people who grow and pick the beans to the barista who hands you your coffee cup, we’re one big family.


Our eatery is full of delicious and ever changing dishes – ranging from classic Chips and Fried Chicken, to more unique dishes like our Beetroot Salad or Hot Smoked Salmon. We’re open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner and challenge you to find a dish that’s not simply scrumptious.


Opening Hours:
7 days
8am – late on weekdays
9am – late on weekends

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"Awesome coffee, food and service. Definitely going back."

Joseph Tahi-Hohaia
Facebook Review

"Awesome food and love the vibe! Will definitely be back again."

Eddie Stanley
Facebook Review

"Husk is pretty choice bros! Mean coffee & great food. Bangarang!"

Louis Thompson-Munn
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"What a wonderful, earnest and heartfelt addition to our great city. All the best guys."

Nick Van Haarlem
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"Went for the first time today for brunch. Great atmosphere, delicious food and wonderful staff. Going to become a regular haunt of mine!"

Annika Corley
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"Very friendly staff, delicious food, and generally great experience. The bar has a nice flow to it, and looks nicely modern, but also has little rustic hints to it which work well together."

Aidan Caig
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"A brewery and a coffee roastery walk into a bar... No joke, this place is the ultimate Wellington hideaway. Incredible food regardless of time of day, excellent beers on every tap and beautiful wine just to drive it all home. Choice."

Adam Laird
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"Husk is officially my new favourite spot in Wellington. Hidden inconspicuously down an alley with everything you could ever want - Beer, coffee, food, impeccable service. They've nailed it"

Laura Snethlage
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"Husk is a little hidden gem! Beautiful atmosphere and really adds something unique to the hospitality scene in Wellington - whether it's beautiful locally crafted beer or coffee or food your after they have it all! Soon they will even have an in-house coffee roasters and brewery..."

Bridie MacInnes
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